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Drama Prarie Dog on YouTube I never get sick of this.
Admiral Ackbar For President  It's a trap! Ackbar is the man.

Best Friends Dog Training Long Island based company that did wonders for Chloe, the wonder dog.

Fight Club Self destruction might be the answer.

Peter Stanick This pop artist has a website that is, in itself, a work of pop art. A big, bewildering, work of pop art...

The Spiderman Dance Stupid, yet hypnotic.

Scott Pakin's automatic complaint-letter generator It's a great way to start a lifetime of bitter rants on paper. Paranoid? Miniature video cameras won't help, but they'll definitely flesh out your delusions.

West Coast Choppers A well designed site for a shop that makes cool custom bikes unlike anything you may have seen. Note that Jesse James left the shortest entry in the history of my guestbook.

Resumania An amusing site highlighting the amazingly stupid things that real people have actually included in their resumes. Good for a few laughs.

Personalized Figures This company will sculpt a custom action figure of anyone. That's right, a miniature version of you can hobnob with kung-fu grip G.I. Joe!

Scanlon Photo Project Born of my desire to go totally digital, this is the result of long hours of scanning. Of course, if you don't know me or my family, it's just some boring pictures of strangers.

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Scanlon-Approved Restaurants

Churrascaria Plataforma Brazillian barbeque in the heart of Manhattan's theatre district. A host of waiters fall over themselves to bring you all you can eat meat of every description in conjunction with an impressive salad bar. Bring your appetite and don't forget to dress up.

RS Jones If you find yourself in Merrick, NY , it's a must to stop in for unmatched Southwestern and BBQ. Do yourself a favor and try the sweet potato pancakes.

El Dorado Texas roadhouse meets Mardi Gras!

Painters The official haunt of A bohemian outpost that combines the paintings and sculptures of local artists with intriguing dishes featuring local produce. Throw in a bustling bar and you're all set. All the art is for sale, and there's a former Painters piece hanging up in my pad.



Martial Arts

Kioto Brazilian Jiu Jitsu BJJ in central Long Island, NY

Evolution Combat Club Mixed martial arts and self defense in Long Island, NY

Body Count Fight Gear  Show some love to a buddy of mine with his own MMA clothing line.

Bayside Academy of Martial Arts Events Home Page Wanna fight? Or, do you live in the Garden State and want to train? Check 'em out. And yes, that's a picture of me being crushed by their heavyweight champion on the home page. The underground forum is where it's at.

Full Contact Fighter The foremost authority for mixed martial arts and no holds barred fighting news.

Team Endgame Eddy Rolon's crew located in Elizabeth, New jersey.

Catch-As-Catch-Can Wrestling Tony Cecchine's web page. The wildman from the windy city knows how to inflict pain.

The Ultimate Fighting Championship Fight like a man!

The Green Dragon Homepage of Jason Pharo, martial artist and pro wrestler. Has all the info on his fighting school in New Jersey, and his current wrestling gigs. Normally I don't go out of my way to promote people who've punched me in the face, but in his case I'll make an exception.

North American Grappling Association The nations' premeire promoter of submission wrestling tournaments.

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Resources For Geeks

Freeware Utilities Over 450 free solutions to common (and not so common) computer challenges.

eRightSoft Super A truly superior program that converts media files. This is one of my favorite utilities right now.

PC World It's like porno for geeks.

Keepvid Save your favorite videos from YouTube and other sires.

The Last iPod Guide You'll Ever Need Pretty self-explanatory, and loaded with esoteric info for techno-philes.

Crucial The memory experts! If your machine is getting a little slow and creaky, visit Crucial first.


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Interesting Sites For Web Designers

Greg's Digital Archive The online resume of Greg Apodaca has some of the most impressive Photoshop manipulation you'll ever see.

The Photoshop Guru's Handbook Excellent online tutorials for every skill level, and a great forum when you're stumped.

Quick Color has a very cool and useful resource whereby you generate five coordinating colors via a slider that produces instant color schemes.

CSS Zen Garden Really illustrates the power of cascading style sheets.

Pirated Sites Where folks who borrow too liberally from the design ideas of others are subjected to public shame and humiliation.

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