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That's me. Yup, the one on the bottom

Picture Gallery here

Here's where I have some clips from past fights, most of which have been shamelessly edited to cast me in the most favorable light.

Narrowly escaping a heelhook at NAGA. Yikes!

Scanlon Vs. Rivera- Some highlights from Sportfighting. Thanks to Brian Cimins for the clip. (6.71MB)

Sakuraba Lock- A rare moment of brilliance. (4.42MB)

Scanlon Vs. Pharo: An MPEG of the fight plus a review and more

Scanlon Vs. Rotendella: See me catch a few in the grille. (5.20 MB)

Here's a loss that was immortalized by MSNBC (2.70 MB)

Brawlin'- Eddy Rolon and I mixin' it up. (1.64 MB)

Heelhook- I was so busy congratulating myself I hardly noticed him escape. (1.90 MB)

Guardpass- Sakuraba would be proud. No doubt my opponent wasn't expecting this from a 250 pounder... (1.77 MB)