Boxing in the great outdoors

Boxing in the great outdoors.jpg

Cool pic from Ultimate Athlete magazine

Cool pic from Ultimate Athlete magazine.jpg

Everybody loves a winner

Everybody loves a winner.jpg

Francisco Mansor, me, Milton Regis

Francisco Mansor, me, Milton Regis.jpg

Helio gracie and Me

Helio gracie and Me.jpg

Last minute advice

Last minute advice.jpg

Me and Kenny Araujo

Me and Kenny Araujo.jpg

NAGA New England Championships

NAGA New England Championships.jpg

NAGA New York

NAGA New York.jpg

Royce Gracie and Me

Royce Gracie and Me.jpg

Shootfighting at BAMA

Shootfighting at BAMA.jpg

Sportfighting 1

Sportfighting 1.jpg

Sportfighting 2

Sportfighting 2.jpg

Sportfighting 3

Sportfighting 3.jpg